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    The promoters of this website are supportive of small scale housing developments, that comply with the policies in the submitted/withdrawn version of the Neighbourhood Plan, aimed at meeting the local needs of the parish, but object to major speculative developments that would be damaging to the rural character of the village and its surrounding countryside.

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  • Planning Applications

    Church Lane (Sledging Field)

    38 dwellings (DM/17/4913)

    Appeal in Progress

    Link to application details

    MSDC Appeal Reference AP/18/0083

    Link to appeal details

    PINS Reference 3212426

    Link to Planning Inspectorate Portal

    Jeffrey's Farm Buildings

    5 dwellings (DM/19/0957)

    Application Pending Consideration

    Link to application details

    Birchgrove Road

    45 dwellings (DM/18/0195)

    Jeffrey's Farm

    42 dwellings (DM/16/3974)

    Westall House 

    20 units (DM/17/1262)

    Permission granted to demolish existing 16 single storey sheltered housing and construct 24 Extra Care apartments and 12 Dementia Care units

    Link to application details

  • Anticipated Applications

    Land behind St Stephen's Church

    Planning application anticipated



    Little Oddynes Farm

    46 dwellings

    Planning application anticipated for 37 affordable dwellings as a rural exception site with 9 market houses. Affordable units expected to be provided by Clarion Housing Association and be a mixture of shared ownership and affordable rent.

    Police House Field

    10-30 dwellings

    Submission of planning application for 10 dwellings is on hold. The latest Masterplan from the agents indicates 30 dwellings on an extended site (including the North Field) .


    Link to Masterplan


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