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Birchgrove Road Planning Application Submitted!

A planning application for 30 dwellings on the site in Birchgrove Road has now been submitted.

This is another major development on a “greenfield site” outside the built up boundary of the village within the “countryside area of development restraint”.

The proposed 30 dwellings are in addition to the 10 dwellings already included in the draft Neighbourhood Plan on the adjacent site of the Old Police House, and on top of the additional development proposed for the Westall site opposite.

Details of this proposal can be viewed on the Mid Sussex Online Planning Register using the following link:

Outline planning application, with all matters reserved apart from means of access, for 30 new dwellings, including 30% affordable units, with access, open space associated infrastructure and landscaping. - Land Parcel At 539009 128311 Birchgrove Road Horsted Keynes West Sussex

Please note that as this is an “Outline Planning Application” (with all matters reserved, other than the access for 30 dwellings) the final scheme may be different to that indicated. Although the application indicates an intention that 30% of the units would be affordable, it also states that: “the affordable housing provision within the proposed scheme will be subject to viability”, so there is no guarantee at this stage on the number affordable dwellings.

The proposals indicate two new access points onto the Birchgrove Road (one by “Westall” and the other opposite “Little Mead”.

It is important that we make our views known. Comments can be made via the Mid Sussex Online Planning Register (quoting planning reference DM/16/5596) before 27 January 2017, by following the above link,

or emailing:

or writing to:

Planning Division,

Mid Sussex District Council,

Oaklands Road,

Haywards Heath,

West Sussex

RH16 1SS

FAO Mr Andrew Morrison

Please copy your comments to our Parish Council by emailing:

or writing to:

HK Parish Council,

Rear of Village Hall,

The Green,

Horsted Keynes

RH17 7AP

MSDC will consider planning issues which include:

  • The effect of the proposed development on the appearance of the area
  • Significant overbearing impact and loss of outlook
  • Highway safety issues
  • Intrusion into the countryside – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Significantly increased noise and disturbance

Other points to raise could be:

  • Breach of Horsted Keynes’ village boundary
  • Significant construction within the AONB with significant risk of further development on the same site or neighbouring sites (known as the ‘domino’ effect)
  • Principle - if it is felt that the nature of the proposal is inappropriate and that the use of land/property should not change
  • Natural conservation, for example, loss of hedgerows
  • Visual amenity (rather than view)
  • Other grounds for objection that are important to you

The following are issues that are not considered relevant planning matters:

  • Loss of an individual property owner’s view
  • Loss of property value
  • Boundary and other disputes with neighbours
  • Moral, religious issues

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