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Neighbourhood Plan at risk of being dropped!

The Parish Council has now set out the options for the Neighbourhood Plan and one of those is not to proceed with a plan (Option 1).

Another is to submit a plan but not allocate any sites (Option 2).

The only option that appears to offer any real benefit is to prepare a plan that allocates sites (Option 3).

Some changes to the plan will be necessary and there will need to be further consultations but this is worth doing because a good Neighbourhood Plan (that allocates sites with an appropriate level of housing) is key to stopping unwanted speculative development in our village.

Details of the options are included on the centre pages of P&P, or by viewing the latest Neighbourhood Plan document number 13 on the parish council website.

You now have an opportunity to email the Parish Council to let them know which option you think they should vote for:

The Parish Council are intending to discuss and agree the way forward at their meeting on Tuesday 11 December