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Neighbourhood Plan Submitted

A revised Neighbourhood Plan has finally been submitted to MSDC which has commenced a formal consultation.

Details of the plan can be viewed on MSDC's website:

Representations made will be considered by an independent Examiner who will assess whether the Neighbourhood Plan meets certain legal requirements.

This Neighbourhood Plan does not incude any site allocations for our parish (following advice that the district allocations should meet the housing need up to 2031).

However, it does include lots of policies that are specific to our parish and have been drafted to help protect our village and support its environment, infrastructure and community. They will also help to ensure that where development is permitted in the future, it will be well designed to reflect the views of the community.

All being well, following examination, parishioners will get an opportunity to vote on the plan at a referendum. We would encouage you to vote for the plan at referrendum.

This may be the last blog you will receive from "Our Horsted Keynes" as we have decided not to renew our website subscription.

Thank you for all your support and for helping us influence some major planning decisions in our parish!