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Our Horsted Keynes – Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting Result!

The Parish Council have voted unanimously to proceed with the Neighbourhood Plan with the sites listed in the draft plan (with no additional major sites).

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Well done to all who wrote to the Parish Council and those who were able to attend the meeting and express their views. Support for the position taken in “Our Horsted Keynes” leaflet was overwhelming and the Parish Council clearly took notice of what was said.

Whilst, on balance, this is hopefully a good decision for the village and means that at last the plan can move forward, there is no room for complacency. The Parish Council’s Consultant has pointed out that there are a number of risks associated with getting the plan through the next stages which are: Submission to Mid Sussex for further consultation, then review by an Examiner, before coming back to the village for a Referendum.

Whilst all this is all going on, some large Planning Applications will inevitably still be submitted; one for the Jeffrey’s Farm site is already under review. An update on this will be posted shortly.