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Reminder "Sledging Field" Appeal Deadline 12 February

Just a quick reminder that the extended deadline for commenting on the Sledging Field Appeal expires on Tuesday 12 February.

If you have not already submitted your comments but would like to have your say, you can do this by following these simple steps:

Click on the attached link:

Go to the righthand box and type in this seven-digit reference number:

3212426 then click search

Click on “Make a representation” (at the top of the page)

Check you have the right Appeal details and click on “Save and continue” (at the bottom of the page)

Complete your details on the next page

Complete your comments on the next page

A short simple statement is sufficient to let the Inspector know about your concerns.

State that you are Against the Appeal Proposals and Support Mid Sussex District Council's reasons for refusal and in your own words why you take this view, using one or more of the main points for refusal (being the impact on: Countryside, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Area, Listed Buildings and Ashdown Forest).