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Deadline for comments on "Sledging Field" Appeal - 15 January!

A year ago around 300 people from our community wrote to Mid Sussex District Council to object to the “Sledging Field” planning application and on the strength of that, and some overwhelming evidence from professional representations, the application was refused.

As you will know by now that, unfortunately, is not the end of the matter and we are therefore asking you to write again, but this time to the Planning Inspectorate. They will have already received comments made against the application but we want the Inspector to understand that we are just as concerned about this now as we were before.

Your comments need not be long and complicated and it is best not to repeat what you said before but it is worth letting them know that you are Against the Appeal proposals and that you Support Mid Sussex District Council in their reasons for refusal (main points being the impact on: Countryside, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Conservation Area, Listed Buildings and Ashdown Forest). Please state in your own words why you take this view.